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Integrated Waste Management Facility, Clark Special Economic Zone
Metro Clark Waste Management Corporation (MCWM), Philippines
JV German Consortium


The Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), located 80 kilometers north of Metro Manila, Philippines is comprised of a 4,400-hectare Main Zone and a 29,213-hectare Sub-Zone. The CSEZ is formed out of the former “Clark Field Air Base" after the withdrawal of the US Air Force in 1991. Currently, it is being developed into a model metropolis built around the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport.

Its master plan has provided Clark’s reconstruction as a residential neighborhood, mixed-use business district, recreational and entertainment center, support and aviation-related facility, parkway and rail link, industrial estate and the site of a world-class international airport.

Based on a Bidding for the development and operation of an Integrated Waste Management Facility for the Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) in 1998, the objective of BN was the development of an Integrated Waste Management Facility serving the CSEZ and the surrounding communities including Metro Manila.

The responsibility included the preparation of Bidding documents, contract negotiation and preparation, search for local partners in accordance to the Philippines corporate law, setup and operation of the local company. Preparation of the project general design, Permit papers, detailed design, bidding documents, contract negotiation, construction supervision and operation monitoring.

To increase the efficiency and to maintain a continuously technology transfer, the General Manager of BNE was assigned as President and CEO to the operating company (up to 03/2006).

The main Project tasks after the successful participation in the bidding were:

  1. Conducting site investigations within the CSEZ for the most suitable site, incl. geological survey.
  2. Developing of the general design of the Waste Management Facilities.
  3. Preparation of all documents required for the Environmental Impact Study (EIS).
  4. Consultantcy and monitoring of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) up to the issuance of the Environmental Clearance Certificate (ECC).
  5. Preparation of the detailed design for the Phase 1 of the Project.
  6. Supervision of all construction work.
  7. Training and monitoring for facility operations.
  8. Accreditation as CER generating facility under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) program. Preparation of the Project Information Notice (PIN)*. Planning of a sufficient Landfill Gas (LFG) Capture and Utilization System.

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