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EIA / Risk Assessment for 1.3 Million MTPA Steel Plant

ESSAR Group is one of India's leading Corporate entities and is a key player in several core sector industries e.g. Steel, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Power, Shipping, Industrial projects. ESSAR Steel is one of the major components of the ESSAR Group. The company is one of India’s largest HRC producers and is India's largest exporter of HRC to all corners of the globe. ESSAR Steel manufactures an extensive product range, has a wide customer base and is recognized as one of the lowest cost producers in the world.

ESS proposes to set-up a 1.3 mtpa Integrated Steel Plant with Captive Power Plant in the Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah, UAE. The facilities envisaged a 1.0 mtpa Rebar Mill and a 42 MW gas based Captive Power Plant. The facilities envisaged further a1.5 mtpa DRI/HBI* plant, a 150 MT Electric Arc Furnace, a 150 MT Laddle Furnace, a 6 strand billet caster and a 2 x 113 MW gas based Captive Power Plant with all the associated facilities such as Lime/Dolo Calcining plant, Air Separation Plant, Bulk Material Handling systems etc.

The Scope of work for BNE includes Scoping Studies and a Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as also the Risk Assessment and the Disaster Management Planning for the new Steel plant to be installed by ESSAR Constructions LTD. (ECL).

The ESSAR Group expects the start of construction in summer 2006.


* Hot Briquetted Sponge Iron (HBI)
Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) is produced in two forms: Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI), and Hot Direct Reduced Iron (HDRI). The HDRI system is an Essar innovation that saves approximately 120 kWh/ton of HDRI consumed by the EAF, thus, utilizing the 650 degree celsius heat contained in the HDRI. Domestic and imported iron oxides are utilized to produce high quality HBI/HDRI of 93% plus total iron with metallic iron content of 86% plus. Essar typically produces 1.8% to 2.0% carbon which is primarily Fe3C - the form required by the EAF shop.