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Integrated Waste Management Project (IWMP), Sharjah
Municipality of Sharjah, UAE

BNE is the Waste Management Consultant for the Municipality of Sharjah (5 cities of the third largest Emirate within the UAE with approximately 700,000 inhabitants and 1,000,000 tons of waste per year). BNE is responsible for the “Waste Management Master Plan” for Municipality Solid Waste, the conceptual design of all necessary facilities (Transfer Stations; Material Recovery Facilities; Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant, Construction Waste Recycling Plant, Medical Waste Treatment Plant and Sanitary Landfill), evaluation of pre-qualification biddings, preparation and facilitation of all tender documents, evaluation of bidding documents and supervision of construction and commissioning.

The conceptual phase as also the tendering process was finished in 2005.

The first realization phase of the project, the construction of the Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling plant (CDW plant) is contracted in April 2006 and scheduled for commissioning in March 2007.