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BN Engineers (FZE) provides a full range of environmental and engineering services and consultancy through our team and with partner companies providing essential detailed inputs.

Some of the key services we provide are listed below.

Engineering Services

  • Transport + Logistic Systems
  • Contaminated Site Remediation
  • General Civil Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Water Supply
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Energy Technology
  • Carbon Credit Evaluation

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Planning and Management System
    • Development and testing of environmental policies and procedures;
    • Strategic Environmental Project / Site Assessment;
    • Formulating appropriate environmental and sustainable development strategies;
    • Advice on implementation options and sustainable implementation options; and
    • Environmental Management Systems
    • Assistance with ISO and Implementation of Environmental Management Systems, including ISO 14001. Implementation of Quality Management Systems including ISO 9001/EN 46001 and further SA 8000…DHSE…
    • Software solutions for quality, environment, health and safety and integrated management systems

  • Environmental Compliance Audit / Environmental Permitting
    • Pre-Certification, Gap Analysis and Evaluation
    • H&S Compliance Audits
    • Due environmental compliance audits
    • Environmental Compliance Certification acquisition

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Risk Assessment
    BN Engineers (FZE) experience spans a broad range of sectors clientele ranging from heavy to light industriesto major infrastructure projects (i.e. major power plants, major reclamation projects, roads and bridges, high-rise buildings and condominiums, ports and harbors, and waste management facilities). Our added value comes from our ability to manage and deliver innovative environmental design solutions during the construction and eventual operation of a project. We are highly experienced in assisting our clients through the planning process and to efficiently managing and coordinating technical studies for Environmental Impact Assessments. We provide:
    • Environmental Site and Project Assessment
    • Environmental Risk Assessments
    • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment
    • Crisis and Accident Response and Management planning
    • Contingency planning / Compliance advice and consents
    • Air and Water Quality Assessment
    • Geological - Hydrological Assessment / Soil Investigation
    • Ecological Survey and Assessment
    • Environmental design solutions, Mitigation design and advice

  • Environmental Monitoring
    • Ambient Air Quality and Noise Level Monitoring
    • Odor Monitoring and Assessment
    • Industrial Source Emission Sampling / Monitoring
    • Flue Gas Monitoring and Analysis
    • Water Quality Sampling / Monitoring
    • Workplace Environment Monitoring

  • Pollution Prevention and Pollution Management
    • Air Pollution Studies and Modelling
    • Air emissions monitoring and control
    • Water Pollution Studies and Modelling
    • Water / effluents monitoring and control

  • Waste Management Systems / Waste Minimization
    • Waste Management Studies